We are in permanent contact with a variety of real estate agencies, big and small, so when we help you find your perfect home, we have an entire network helping us out and advising us on the current market situation assuring a well-informed decision.

First we advise you on the different areas and which ones suit better your criteria and specific needs.

Then we pre-select a list of properties to visit as a prefilter so that you can choose from a viable shortlist.

From there, you choose your top three to five options, which ideally we revisit together with you before you make the final decision.

In case you cannot join us for the second visit, we will make sure that, with the use of lots of audio-visual materials, you can make a fully informed decision at a distance.

Whether in the end you rent or buy, we will support you in the negotiation process making sure the contracts meet all the requirements established in the current legislation and we will help with getting all the necessary documentation before making any deposit or signing any contract.

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