About us

Enthusiasm and desire to help

BQgat Relocation was founded with a great enthusiasm and desire to help those people that are looking to move, from around the world, to Barcelona, Sant Cugat del Vallès or any other point in the Barcelona surroundings.

We have personally experienced the process of moving several times and have been exposed first-hand to the needs, obstacles and stress associated to moving outside your known environment. This inspires us to share our experience and enthusiasm with those that go through that process now.

We live and work in Sant Cugat and have done the same in Barcelona city, having a deep and broad knowledge of the area. We are eager to show you everything that this place has to offer you and your family.

Isabel Mañes Co-Founder

During an important period of my life I worked surrounded by Regulations, Decree law and other paperwork related to Law that covered my desk and part of my life. One day I decided to put all that professional and personal experience to the service of other people that go through the longings, needs and shortcomings faced when moving to a different place and give birth to BQgat Relocation, S.L., fruit of the empathy with all those people that for any reason live outside of their closest surroundings.

Lola Moreno Co-Founder

Before moving to Barcleona and living in Sant Cugat I worked for more than 25 years with international companies where, as part of my role and career, I had the opportunity of moving to different countries and cities: México, United States, Costa Rica, England, Spain. Now I can combine that personal experience with my professional background to help those people that have to move to this great area, to do it with a little less stress and a lot more joy. For me it is an opportunity to dedicate my time and energy to something that I enjoy and hope will leave something positive in others’ lives.

Come to Sant Cugat! we help you