The Highly Qualified Professional Visa (HQP Visa) is a residence permit that allows non-European Union citizens to live and work legally in Spain, assuming they will do so in a managerial or highly skilled position.

The residence permit as a highly qualified professional is regulated by Law 14/2013 to Support Entrepreneurs and not by the General Law on Immigration, so all applications are directed to the Large Companies Unit in Spain (UGE).

How is the process initiated?

The authorization is requested by the company or a representative duly accredited who is interested in incorporating the services of a highly qualified professional into their company.

It can be either an employment relationship, through an employment contract, or a professional relationship, in which the professional is a self-employed worker and seventy-five percent of their income comes from that company.

Who can apply?

  • Managers or highly qualified personnel from large companies or groups of companies or SMEs in strategic sectors.
  • Managers or highly qualified personnel from business projects of general interest.
  • Graduates, postgraduates from universities, and business schools with recognized prestige.


  • An authorization for HQP residence will be requested with a duration of up to two renewable years or the duration of the contract if it is less than two years.
  • The residence permit allows residing and working and is valid throughout the national territory.
  • If the foreigner is outside of Spain, they can process a residence visa once the authorization is obtained.
  • Joint processing of family members (spouse or common-law partner, minor children, or financially dependent adult children, and dependent ascendants).
  • Streamlining of processing in about 20 days and centralization in a single window, Large Companies and Strategic Collectives Unit.
  • National Employment Situation does not apply.
  • Free movement within the member countries of the Schengen Area.

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