Cultural Adaptation


Culture shock is something that all expats experience in one form or another It refers to the realisation of how different things are in your new home country compared to your home country.  Diet, time tables, social expectations, holidays, etc.

Culture shock sounds scarier than it is because it is one of the most interesting and beautiful aspects of moving away from home, it broadens your horizon like nothing else.

Cultural understanding and adaptation is necessary to avoid misunderstandings and to truly integrate.

At BQgat Relocation we offer different services to help with the challenges. 

We can provide adaptation counselling so you can understand the local culture, values ​​and customs better. We also organize informative talks on different topics where or clients can interact and learn from each other.

As for the needs of expatriate children and adolescents, they are different from those of their parents. We advise you to sign your children up for playful and interactive activities with other expatriate children, so they can channel their emotions and make friends at the same time with who they can share their concerns related to expatriation.

We can also refer you to an expert expat coach who can guide your children through difficult times.

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